First Impressions Matter...

What Does Your Scent Say About You?

Control... Convenience... Portability...

All So You Can Smell Good No Matter Where You Go

Fragrances Say

"I Love You"
"Thank You"
"I Appreciate You"

“Your fragrance is a silent representation of who you are.  It touches the senses, allowing another avenue for people to communicate through and to remember you by.  That is why at Travel Size Fragrances, our aim is to provide you with fragrances that you can take with you, no matter where you go.”

Lavenia P.


Our Philosophy

Travel Size Fragrances aims to provide you with:



of how soft or strong you smell throughout the day.



to apply discreetly… so you can freshen up your scent without making yourself obvious while at work or on the go…



small enough to carry in a pocket, purse, or backpack, and perfect for gifts! Take it with you and apply it whenever, wherever.

Travel Size Fragrances

Featured Product Categories

Fragrance Minis

Keychains, charms, jewelry, zipper pulls, and more!

Roll On Fragrances

With a removable top so that you can refill your minis or scent other products.

Scentable Accessories

Allowing you to layer your scent, and share your favorite fragrance with others.

Sophisticated Simplicity Collection

Our Mission

We know the value of a good first impression, and the way you smell plays a major part.  That is why we take pride in providing you with stylish fragrance minis and accessories so you can smell good no matter where you go!