Product Information

You’ll love the Fragrance Oil! It is the most concentrated form of fragrance & can be worn/ used in over 35 different ways!

The Lotion is light enough to soak into your skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue but it is still surprisingly effective.

If you are a fan of massages, you will love this Massage Lotion.  It provides a nice smooth glide onto the skin, without leaving behind a greasy or sticky residue.  Use it on yourself or take it with you when you get a massage so you can be rubbed down with the scent of your choice.

If you prefer oil, you can pair the Body Oil/Body Polish/Massage Oil with your favorite scent to create an aromatic atmosphere perfect for pampering yourself or your loved ones.

Give your skin the combination of a rich lather infused with your favorite scent using the Shower Gel.  Pure bliss!

This Shampoo base is SLS free. Customers say that it lathers and cleans exceptionally well.  It is great for all hairstyles, types, and textures.

Now you can get your Hand Sanitizer scented with your favorite fragrance!  Customers also love this product unscented because it is less drying to the skin.

The Body MIST is perfect to spritz your body after a shower, bath, or before bed.  This mist is much lighter than any other fragrance.  Great for people with fragrance allergies since it is less likely to irritate the senses. This does not contain all of the loaded chemicals and alcohols that other body sprays usually contain.  Also great for kids.

You’ll appreciate the Linen Spray for providing a very subtle scent when refreshing your clothing or home in a pinch.  Spray on your clothes before ironing or on furniture and linens.

The Perfume/Cologne is packaged in your choice of a plastic or glass bottle and contains double the amount fragrance oil found in the old body spray.

With this Car\Air Freshener Spray you can take your favorite scent on the road, and get rid of those boring store bought fresheners.


Our Fragrance Oils, as well as our Perfume/Cologne, are now available for wearing… YES! You read that right- we now have portable miniature fragrance oils as well as perfumes and colognes, providing you with a truly travel-sized experience!  Available as a keychain or necklace, all so you can smell good no matter where you go!

 *Body Spray, MIST, Linen Spray, and custom scents available upon special request