About Us

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How would you like to have:

Control of how strong your scent is throughout the day without making yourself obvious while at work or on the road?

Convenience in the ability to choose containers that are spill proof and/or leak proof, so you can take your favorite fragrance on the go, providing you with…

Portable fragrances that are small enough to carry in a pocket, purse, or backpack- also available in containers and sizes that provide hassle free airline travel?

That was the vision that 6-year-old Matthew had in the first grade.  Not only did he love to wear and smell fragrances, he wanted people to smell good “no matter where they go.”

Utilizing his mother’s fragrance oils, he began to ask her to find ways he could make his favorite fragrance into hand sanitizer, then lotions, then sprays.  Eventually, he learned about entrepreneurship in the first grade and decided to start a business of his own.  With the help of his parents and the support of his family, Matthew began to sell fragrances to people in barbershops and salons.  Enter Matthew’s Travel Size Fragrances!

Today, we are a family building upon the vision of our now 9-year-old son.  We fully commit to providing pleasant customer service all while allowing Matthew 100 percent involvement – from packaging to sales and production, so that he can continue to learn and grow.

Designer inspired fragrances, house fragrances, fruity fragrances – you name it, we got it. And if you don’t see it, just ask. Chances are we can get it – just for you!

Matthews business card
“I want people to smell good no matter where they go!” – Matthew

Unmatched in quality and competition, Travel Size Fragrances is proud to provide

 Control. Convenience. Portability

all so you can smell good no matter where you go!

Try us and you will see. .. Our quality has NO competition!